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Steven Flello and Cosette Leblanc

EC7110AF-9787-4064-B540-EFBC41D853A0 - Cosette Leblanc.jpeg
EEF7FDA4-9FFC-4EB9-BDAA-C2489CD2C8E6 - Steven Flello.jpeg

Steven has been practicing partner acrobatics for 6 years. He specializes in hand to hand and icarian. His goal is to show students that they are capable of so much more than they believe. Cosette has been practicing acro for 5 years. Her intention is to provide an inclusive space where students can have fun, and learn new skills. She specializes in standing acrobatics and hand to hand. Together they create a safe space for people to play, explore and connect. They emphasize the importance of working progressions and using spotters while learning new skills. Their class is guaranteed to be filled with laughter and fun!

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