Mèlanie Ladybase

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For Melanie, movement is an essential part of life. She spends countless hours on her yoga mat, playing and exploring with the circus arts and acro yoga, and simply enjoying countless forms of movement; she is happiest in creative mode!


Melanie is certified in Vinyasa Yoga as well as Level 1 AcroVinyasa, and has taken the Born to Teach Bossy Pedagogy Course. As well as studying her true love, movement, Melanie also has a background in Transpersonal Counselling-Psych, and she feels immensely passionate about merging the two.


Part of what fascinates Ladybase about Acro Yoga is the healing that can happen when two beings meet and play together. Melanie believes the unique, organic platform that is Acro gives people a wonderful way to practice trust, communication, and, by osmosis, build community. Melanie believes that in numbers we have the power to change the world and ourselves, and what better way to manifest change than to do it through playfulness?


In addition to her playful attitude, Melanie has a strong basis in technique and biomechanics that she shares with her students to give them the strongest foundation possible. Her zeal for Acro lies in teaching intricate washing machines and "out of the box" exploration. Ladybase believes in Empowering people through movement and connection.