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JANUARY 26-28 2024
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I am Glad you're here.

Hi, I'm Paul. I co-founded Vancouver Acro Fest in 2016 with Aya Engel, who has since stepped away from the project. The intention has always been to foster community through a shared love of acro yoga and partner acrobatics. Over the years I’ve witnessed countless connections form at the festival, and it’s difficult to express how deeply meaningful that is to me.


The Vancouver Acro Fest team has grown quite a bit since our early days, and I am both fortunate and thrilled to be part of such an exceptional group of people.

Each of us on this team has gained so much from being part of the acro world, and we consider this festival an act of service to the community that we love so much. 



Paul Gelinas

Millissa Greenwood

Jason Ryerson

Jessica Eastman

Savana Studio-440_websize.jpg

Savannah Scotland

Christopher Uy

Devon French

We can't wait to see you.




Friday Intensive


* NOT included in Full Festival Pass*


Tier 1


Full Festival Pass

*First 50 Tickets*

Friday Intensive not included


Tier 2


Full Festival Pass

Friday Intensive not included



Sat-Sun Pass

Saturday & Sunday

Friday Intensive not included

Teacher Duo Feature


Reno + Sariah


Jill + Heidi


Millissa + Devon

High Knot - Milissa Martin Photography - Christine Moonbeam.JPG

Moonbeam + Micah


  • Is this festival beginner friendly?
    Yes! We offer a class suitable to All Levels in each time slot. If you are brand new to acro yoga, we recommend taking some classes prior to the festival in order to get the most out of your weekend. Check out Acro West ( for classes in Vancouver. You can also join the Acro Yoga Vancouver Facebook Page and ask what other options exist.
  • What’s the difference between Full Festival Pass and Saturday-Sunday Pass?
    A Full Festival Pass includes access to the festival for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The Festival opens at 5pm on Friday and includes icebreaker games, a class, and open jam time. The pre-festival Friday Intensives run from 12-5pm and must be purchased separately from a festival pass. The Saturday-Sunday pass, as the name suggests, grants access to the festival on Saturday and Sunday.
  • Does size matter for Acro?
    It does not. No group’s practice will look like the one next to them, and we think that’s beautiful. Teachers can always offer modifications to accommodate different bodies and abilities.
  • Do I need to come with a training partner?
    No! Many people attend the festival without a training partner. During classes, participants play in groups of 3 or more so you’ll get to work with many different partners and make new connections along the way.
  • I can't afford a ticket but I really want to come.
    We believe finances should not be a barrier to participation. There are a few ways we can get you to the festival. Consider applying as a volunteer (Volunteer Application can be found here). Volunteers receive a highly subsidized festival pass, and getting involved is a great way to meet people and support this community event. If you are BIPOC, check out the BACCES program (​​ We are proud to be a BACCES partner. Send us a message through our Contact Form below and let’s figure it out.
  • I’m not flexible, is this a problem?
    Nope! While flexibility and mobility help in acro, your practice can be modified to adapt to your body’s current ability. Strength, flexibility, and mobility are all wonderful byproducts of acro, so meet yourself where you are at and know that things are always changing!
  • What should I bring?
    We recommend bringing a water bottle, snacks (who leaves home without these anyhow?), comfortable clothes to exercise in, a warmer layer, and an open mind.

Questions? Get In Touch.

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