Pre Fest Intensive : $100 (Friday 12-5pm)  
Tier 1 Full Festival Pass (First 50 Tickets) $275
Tier 2 Full Festival Pass (until January 15th) $350
Tier 3 Full Festival Pass (after January 15th) $375
Day Pass $150
Saturday Sunday pass $300




Schedule Coming Soon!

Classes starting Friday evening and running all the way until Sunday late afternoon. World class instructors teaching a range of high level acrobatics, intermediate, all levels and beginner level classes. Vancouver Acro Fest is Canadas largest Acrobatics Festival and offers something for everyone.


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Contact us

Happy to hear from you. We'll get back to you shortly.

Is this festival beginner friendly? 

Yes, Most sessions will have a beginner/all levels and an intermediate and advanced option. 

Does size matter for Acro?

No, anyone can fly+base with the right techniques!

Can I come alone?

Of course! We will always be working in groups of 3 or more (to have safe spotters). Groups will get switched up during sessions so you will leave with many new friends to climb on!

I can't afford a ticket but I really want to come.

We believe money should not be a limiting factor for you to play with us. If this is your honest case, please reach out. Don't be shy. We want everyone to feel included. We will do our best to find a solution that works for everyone. 

I’m not flexible, is this a problem?

No. Everyone can play. Acro can help with strength and flexibility, but more mobility will make things easier- so start stretching!

What should I bring?

Yoga mat, comfortable stretchy clothes, layers, water bottle. 

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